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Good Evening, Red Deer!

Me again, Red Deer Newborn Photographer, Paige Koster! 

Here at Paige Koster Photography, we ended 2017 with a total of 8 Awards, including 2 ANFS Awards. This last award came in on December 30th, for this image which had already won an award. 

Red Deer Maternity Photographer.jpg

If you said to me at the beginning of 2017 that anyone would be recognizing my work as Award Winning Newborn & Maternity Photographer, I would have thought you were crazy. 

Take a look at the awards below...

Red Deer Newborn Photographer | 2017 GROWTH

The New Year is almost here, and I know sometimes everyone gets stuck in a rut, and believes that they truly haven't accomplished much during the year. As a red deer newborn photographer, I can get that way as well. Anyone who has worked with me, knows that I am someone who aims for only perfection.

Many times in 2017, I found myself wondering if I truly am achieving all the goals I had set for myself, and I struggled to see progression and improvement. However, never did one of my clients ever have a problem seeing my potential, my growth and my worth - so I knew that all this hard work, all these extra hours and all the late nights editing and practicing was truly worth it.

I want to share with you a little bit of me. My growth. 

During this last year, I have done countless workshops (still have 3 more on docket), purchased more props than anyone should be allowed to have, upgraded my lighting, my camera, my lens and my education including courses on newborn safety. I've invested almost every dollar I made to ensure that next year, I would be able to be stronger, and more knowledgable then I ever imagined I could be. 

All of this, was not possible without each and every one of you who put your trust in me to photograph your newborn, whether it was just when I was starting in my living room, or last week in my home studio. 

Thank you.

The first four images from the beginning of 2017 (first 3 months), and the last 4 within the last few months.

The first four images from the beginning of 2017 (first 3 months), and the last 4 within the last few months.

Red Deer Newborn Photographer | Paige Koster Photography | Before & After

Hi Guys! 

It's Friday - and what's better then waking up, grabbing a coffee and reading all about your favourite Red Deer Newborn Photographer?

-Not a thing...  Except maybe if you are still sleeping, because then I am super jealous of you. 

Anyways, I have a busy day ahead with finishing off some Christmas Mini's with some lovely clients! Tomorrow we have 3 back to back sessions which you will get to see sneak peeks of next week! 

Sunday? Well, I'm sure I'll see you at the Winter Market at The Baymount Inn from 10a-4pm <3

-Back to the point -

I wanted to give you a glimpse of some before and afters of my images. Typically, photographers don't show RAW unedited images - but I really feel like in this case, to show you that what I do is a lot more then snapping a photo, these really show you the art and work that goes into newborn photography as well.

Here is a little before and after to blow your mind! And yes, that's pee on the beanbag... She waited for a solid 5 minutes for me to move my handy dandy pee mat, just to pee on the fabric. (It's totally okay, and completely normal - and they get washed EVERY session, pee or no pee.

Before & After-2.jpg

Karina | Newborn Portraits | Red Deer

A few months ago I spoke to Karina in regards to booking both a Maternity and Newborn session. We met at a local shop, and I could tell instantly that she was someone with a beautiful soul. We scheduled her Maternity portraits at the beautiful Canyon Ski Resort in Red Deer and we made her amazing vision come to life. From Canyon we headed to a little bridge in a near by park for another scene for her portraits. 

Little did we know that they little one was going to arrive a lot sooner than we both thought! Her darling second addition to the family surprised everyone when she came a few weeks earlier then planned. Let me tell you, she is beautiful - just like her Momma & Sister. And best of all, you can see just how much this family already loves her! 

Here's a few portraits from our session.

Kim | Maternity | Red Deer

Hi all!

We've got some serious reason to celebrate! In just a few short weeks, Kim will be expecting her 5th baby. If that isn't reason enough to jump for joy, Kim & Thierry are officially (and finally) having a little prince, after 4 princesses.

I had the honour of photographing her - and that baby bump couldn't get any cuter!
See what I'm talking about below!